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Ok, so how do I pick out a pair of gloves?

Congratulations, you’ve decided to get a new pair of gloves!  These days there are just so many different features and factors to consider making the purchase.  It’s really important to understand your needs, so you don’t end up sweating all day, or being ice cold.  The wrong gloves can be a distraction or cause you to end the day early!  With a little research and forethought, you can pick out the perfect pair of gloves for you!

The purpose of SkiGloveGuide.com is to give you all the information you need in a simple, concise guide to make the best decision.  Please read on for my glove buying guide!


Ski/Snowboard Glove Buying Guide – Decision Factors

General Purpose or Specialized?


Cheapie, found in your basement



Arc’teryx: $250

First thing’s first.  Do you just want a cheap pair of general purpose winter gloves, or do you need a specialized pair, e.g. skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, etc.  It’s really important to get the right gloves that are specifically designed for your activity.

If you are heading out to the slopes for a single day for the entire year, then you probably don’t need a specialized pair.  A cheapie like one you most likely already have will probably suffice for the day.

If you are really into one of the sports, and find yourself going at least once per month, then I definitely recommend that you purchase a dedicated pair of gloves for that activity.


Gloves vs. Mittens?

Once you’ve decided if you want a specialized pair of gloves or not, the next thing you’ll need to decide on is glove or mittens?  This decision really comes down to one thing, the tradeoff between warmth and dexterity.

Do your extremities tend to get cold, or are you planning on being out in some seriously cold weather?  If so then you may want to opt for some mittens.  I wore gloves for years and just recently switched to mittens and have never been happier!

BKIn addition there is a new style of glove out which is a hybrid of both glove and mitten.  This style has 3 fingers and is often called a ‘lobster mitt’.  You may also see this in the liners on some mittens.

Temperature Rating

Related to the gloves vs. mittens decision, you should have a rough idea for what are typical temperature ranges that you expect to be experiencing.  I know up in New Hampshire and Maine, we can easier experience -10 degrees F on a cold winter day.  If you tend to run ‘hot’, then you may want to go with a warmer temp glove, and vice versa if you run ‘cold’.


There are many materials to choose from on each component of the glove.  There are different options for the shell, typically synthetic vs. leather.  There are also several insulation options out there.  We’ll have more detailed posts on the tradeoffs of these different materials in the future, but you’ll need to be aware of what is out there.


In addition to different technologies for the insulation material, there is a vast array of technologies for water and wind proofing membranes.  We will go into further detail on the tradeoffs between these different technologies in the future.


This one seems obvious, but you need to buy a pair of gloves that fit, duh!  What makes this difficult is there is no standard sizing between brands, so you’ll need to be sure to use a sizing chart, especially if you are ordering online.

Price Range

Let’s face it, skiing/snowboarding is an expensive sport.  It’s good to set an initial price target up front.  You can easily spend up to $200 on a top of the line pair of gloves, so it’s good to understand what your budget is, if it’s even a factor at all.


Another factor in your purchase is the brand of glove.  The brand can be a good indicator for overall glove quality, durability, warranty, etc.  See my post here for an overview of the top ski glove brands.

Other Features

In addition to the basic function of keeping your hands warm and dry, many gloves offer additional features, such as zippers for storage and improved breathability, and nose/goggle wipes, touchscreen tips, and many others.

This is a quick tour of the various decisions you need to make when purchasing a pair of gloves.  We’ll be going into much more detail in various deep dive posts.  Click around on the right to get started!

Where should I buy them?

I will be putting up a list of solid retailers for your gloves very soon.

How do I take care of them?

Once you’ve made the purchase, you need to protect your investment, by taking proper care of your gloves.  See our collection of posts here on care tips for your gloves.

Don’t forget accessories!

There are a host of products out there related to hand warmth, glove storage and maintenance.  See our accessories page for a list of articles.

I’m ready, let’s look at some options!

Great!  Now that you have some basic background information to make your purchase, you can click HERE to start looking at some options.

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